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New, Innovative Education Source Debuts Online

Released January 2012

New, Innovative Education Source Debuts Online


Meeting planners looking for a source of content—or those who are responsible for getting their executives to speak or publish material publicly—may want to take note of a new education option.

Copper Services, a global provider of conferencing, online event management and business content, recently launched Convey, a free business content catalog that connects professionals searching for business expertise and continuing education.

All of the material on Convey is prescreened to ensure that it's focused on business, is informative or educational. Content can be delivered as articles, white papers, reports, podcasts, presentations, webinars, e-books or videos. Convey features an expanding list of providers from hundreds of industries and disciplines.

"Individuals and organizations can earn money by offering informative and educational content for sale and letting Convey manage the payment process,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO if Copper Services. “There are no fees to post content on Convey. A small percentage of revenue is charged only when content is sold."

Convey users can search for content by topic, industry or keyword, viewing it online or downloading it. They can register for continuing education webinars or participate in live or recorded events. Much of the content on Convey is offered for free, while some is available for purchase using a credit card. Providers on the Convey Platform decide if they want to offer their content for free or for purchase and define how much to charge for it. Providers can customize pricing, offer specialized discounts, develop refund policies and offer free content previews.

Convey acts as the merchant to collect and manage all payments, and it will attract members encouraging them to create a profile, customize preferences, write reviews and store payment information.

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